Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is when students are enrolled-concurrently –in two distinct academic program or educational institutions. Generally, if refers to high school students taking college or university courses.  According to educational professionals, (ie. Teachers, counselors, and principals) they are working well, stating, “students have positively benefited from college-level course work, gaining an in-depth knowledge in various […]

How do you connect students to their talents?

Of course we know that when parents feel welcomed and are invited in the school often they are more likely to be involved in their children’s education.   Connecting schools with family members, parents, and mentors from the beginning is key for a successful school year.  In “Inviting families to schools to share gifts and talents” allow […]

Dare to be different, Innovative Playgrounds…

What if school playgrounds came equipped with building materials, tools, and movable pieces?  There is this breakthrough notion that students may be interested in exploring while using their imagination, go figure?  Being a big kid, I would love to explore in an unstructured imagination playground? In this year alone Imagination playground has been contacted by […]

Doesn’t anybody want to teach?

So we know teachers will never be billionaires, the average teacher gets about $56,000 , of course higher in urban districts and lower in rural areas.  With charter schools as well the salaries fell in recent years so many teacher are leaving the profession and many are no enrolling in teacher program.  In California, enrollment […]

Are college students going into the teaching profession?

Uhhhh….. Hmmmm….  No!  Many states are facing a sever teacher shortage.  In Los Angeles there has been a teacher shortage and enrollment in teacher programs is down 53 percent.  I bet you’ll never guess why; well let me list a couple of reasons why my teacher colleagues are frustrated.  Here are some common statements I […]

Kicking kids out of school doesn’t work!

Our school systems has failed our children by not keeping them safe at schools, not turning a conflict into a teachable moment, and by suspending students for days at a time.  What is going on?   We need our children to feel safe, respect their positive learning environment, help them correct their misbehavior, and teach them […]

Are less Affluent Schools like Jails?

Is a child’s future fixed at birth, determined by family strength and the parent’s financial status? Karl Alexander notes in his research that all of the kids who got a better start at life because their parents were married and working ended up better off and for the poor kids from single-parent families stayed poor. […]

Turn your school into the School Of One! Here’s how…

  The New York City School, the School of One, has an amazing operating system called Teach to One math, which was developed by New Classrooms. This concept is a little like building a school in the cloud, by Sugata Mitra.  Innovative schools are getting more and more attention for its unique approach to education.  Imagine merging […]

A New way to conference with parents!

There are many ways to have a parent teacher conference and yes, they are necessary but what if I told you parent teacher conferences are changing. Conferences usually suggest reporting which hinders a two way form of communication. We want parents to take an active role, suggest ideas, and collaboratively as a team come up […]



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