Have You Thought About Including Alexa in the Classroom?

Everyone is using Alexa including teachers. Teachers are using Alexia to enhance learning in the classroom. Alexa, the virtual assistant is a fun way to increase engagement in the classroom. All you need is wifi and a couple of commands and you are on your way! Alexa can set the classroom mood, set the time for presentations, and engage in classroom activities.   Check out some Alexa inspired classroom activities.

Change the Mood

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After recess is a great time to allow students to calm down, reduce stress and feel relaxed. Classical Music can help with this transition. On the other hand, when students need a fun brain break, this is a great opportunity to dance to upbeat songs that will allow students to get up out of their seats. Also, keep in mind that students can make requests to Alexa. This can be a great leadership role; teachers can assign Alexa as a classroom job making it a fun experience for students.

Timers, Songs, and Fluency Practice

Teachers can set a timer through Alexa and students can transition from one station to the next.  This fun activity can challenge students to move at a quicker pace to beat their previous time.  Also, consider using Alexa to clean up the classroom space, set a timer and try to beat it. Songs are fun ways to identify descriptive language, teachers can select a song and follow along in print while discussing language in context and identify similes and metaphors. Fluency practice can also be in the form of first Alexa reads the story, then students read the story, students can time themselves and try to beat their time. Short stories, poems, and descriptive writing. 

Classroom Activities

Current events can be a great overview of the day and add to the morning routine.  Math facts, vocabulary songs, and new concepts can be introduced with Alexa. As a Math Center Alexa can give you fun practice with addition, substation, multiplication and division problems and if you get it right you can hear a silly message congratulating students on their progress, which is free to enable. Below are a couple of games that Limewire suggest that are fun opportunities for teachers to use in the classrooms:

  • Alexa, play Jeopardy: Alexa assumes the role of Alex Trebek by asking a new set of questions every weekday, phrased in the parlance of the long-running quiz show.

  • Alexa, play Twenty Questions: This skill helps get those brain cells firing by pitting you against Alexa in a classic guessing game.

  • Alexa, open Myth Buster: This skill recites various myths and then asks you to guess whether they are true or false, making for an educational and enjoyable game.

  • Alexa, open The Magic Door: Immerse yourself in a series of interactive experiences where the choices you make have their unique consequences, reminiscent of the Choose Your Adventure books from decades past.

  • Alexa, launch This Day In History: Powered by The History Channel, this skill provides a rundown of noteworthy events that took place on today's date.

Teachers enjoy using Alexa in the classroom if you are using Alexa, share your comments below. I think we are just at the beginning of what Alexa can do, I’m excited to see what will happen in the future.  Maybe one day Alexa will eventually record our behaviors and provide solutions to our most common problems.





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