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 Program Resources and Tools

Group Collaboration

EI360’s Learning Management Platform gives our eCoaches the flexibility to address several teachers at once, implementing coherent professional development throughout your entire school.

Access to Data:

Track and measure your results with visual data. Seeing trends and improvements over several coaching cycles can help teachers reach their goals.

✅ Video Library:

eCoaches and teachers can access a full library of eLearning video content and video classroom observations.

Teacher Portfolios:

Teachers can access videos, classroom data, and messages from their eCoach whenever and wherever. Collaboration with other educators is easy through video sharing.

 Common Results

One-on-one Educator Support: Ignite Academy's success models what huge strides you can make with eCoaching. By the middle of the year, students in 2nd grade doubled their reading scores from the beginning of the year. Students in 4th grade tripled their scores.

Improved Student Achievement: At Ignite Academy we improved teacher performance. A high performing teacher increases their students' retention of materials at 5-6 times more than average.

Interactive Teaching Content: We assist teachers with creating interactive, content-focused lessons for thier students. At Ignite, our coaches worked one-on-one with teachers on exit slips, student assignment submissions, and small group reading lessons, all with the priority of student achievement.

Improving District and Student Performance with Teacher Training: Principals can easily access and understand our data tracking system in order to view teacher growth in real time. This technology offers a bird's eye view of the entire school, helping you monitor overall learning targets and teacher goals.

 The Pillars of Our Coaching Cycle

These Standards are Essential to Helping our Clients Grow.

Analyze: The analysis phase is integral to our program and sets the tone for future coaching. Our eCoaches observe teachers in the classroom and identify multiple areas for possible development.

Align:Coaches and teachers need to always be on the same page. At Ei360, we align directly with teachers during several online and in-person check-ins, and make sure we're always available through our online platform.

Act:We create solutions for your teachers to act on right away. We give you the tools and information to help close gaps identified during classroom analysis. These solutions teach educators new skills or help them build upon existing strengths.


Effective Coaching Research

Literacy Coaching in Relation to Student Achievement

eCoaches can help teachers increase their new skill implementation by 80-90%. Research from TNTP demonstrated a significant relationship between the frequency of coaches reviewing assessment data with reading teachers and students achieving higher reading levels.

Without eCoaching support, teachers' average new skill implementation rate is 19% or less.

eCoaching has been linked to increased teacher retention. All Teachers who participated in our e-Instructional Coaching System are still at their school site. Ei360 has a 100% teacher retention rate.

According to users of the program, access to an eCoach was associated with ``significant improvement in average annual gains in reading.``