Unleash the Emergency Credentials, we need help in Urban Schools Now!

Unleash the emergency credentials, we need help in urban schools!  I know, and you are right, an emergency teaching certificate is not the ultimate solution but it’s a start. In emergency teacher credentialing, school must seek out certified candidates first, but if unsuccessful, they then can evaluate candidates who are not certified and issue an emergency certificate. …

Save the Earth

We understand that in order to reach global communication you need to use the World Wide Web.  Technology connects us in ways we would couldn’t imagine 20 years ago.  The consistent access to technology and data is changing the way literacy practices of individual cultures, their identities, and collaboration are taking place. …

I love Inclusion but…

I love inclusion… but things are changing in the school systems.  It is becoming a challenge for teachers.  Teachers share that they struggle with classroom management and parents are concerned about the pace of instruction.  Many times, it’s the “least well prepared teachers who get the toughest students.”   Classes are starting to increase in number plus students with disabilities makes it more of a challenge. …

Students working on a computer

Do you want to learn how to code?

Are your students in your classroom coding?  Hey teachers! Did you know that “Anyone can learn how to code” especially now that its free from the non-profit Code.org.  Try it today and start writing code immediately; its fun, interactive and free!  

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is when students are enrolled-concurrently –in two distinct academic program or educational institutions. Generally, if refers to high school students taking college or university courses.  According to educational professionals, (ie. Teachers, counselors, and principals) they are working well, stating, “students have positively benefited from college-level course work, gaining an in-depth knowledge in various subject areas, and earning college credits.” On the other hand, universities view dual enrollment as a threat to the validity of degree pathways.…

How do you connect students to their talents?


Of course we know that when parents feel welcomed and are invited in the school often they are more likely to be involved in their children’s education.   Connecting schools with family members, parents, and mentors from the beginning is key for a successful school year.  

Dare to be different, Innovative Playgrounds…

3e8fbcf2a663533140cfe7f229fea41fWhat if school playgrounds came equipped with building materials, tools, and movable pieces?  There is this breakthrough notion that students may be interested in exploring while using their imagination, go figure? boston-playground Being a big kid, I would love to explore in an unstructured imagination playground?

Doesn’t anybody want to teach?

So we know teachers will never be billionaires, the average teacher gets about $56,000 , of course higher in urban districts and lower in rural areas.  With charter schools as well the salaries fell in recent years so many teacher are leaving the profession and many are no enrolling in teacher program. 

Are college students going into the teaching profession?

Uhhhh….. Hmmmm….  No!  Many states are facing a sever teacher shortage.  In Los Angeles there has been a teacher shortage and enrollment in teacher programs is down 53 percent.  I bet you’ll never guess why; well let me list a couple of reasons why my teacher colleagues are frustrated.