Our Research

We develop a personalized plan for each school.  Your school’s culture and needs are unique, but through our research, we’ve discovered some universal building blocks for success in teaching.



Our eCoaches practice a cooperative coaching style, using 1:1 support styles proven to increase teacher retention

Effective Classroom

Encouraging teachers to critically reflect on their students and teaching methods helps them deliver high impact instruction


Using a professional approach to literacy coaching challenges teachers to perform at a higher level


Combining tech and learning, teachers receive constant access to the support of their virtual coach.  Accelerate learning by 5-6 months.


Client Results

Learn more about how we’ve helped our partners thrive.


Mr. Russell taught fourth grade to low-income students at an Indianapolis school. He’d worked previously as a Senior Educator at a charter school called Re-Start. Now working with a new demographic of students, he felt challenged to appeal to various types of learners and recalibrate his expectations. Partnering with an eCoach and going through the EI360 coaching cycle, he reflected on his best successes in previous years and implemented new techniques that worked for his classroom. These included allowing for wait time, integrating Blooms questions, and guiding students to think through problems before introducing new concepts to the class.


  • Increased student wait time

  • Learned scaffolding techniques appropriate for his classroom

  • Implemented highly effective questioning methods

Growth Areas

  • Establishing learning goals and classroom engagement expectations

  • Reaching a wide range of learners


Ms. Hayden began working with an EI360 coach during her first year of teaching. Her challenges reflected those common of new educators: classroom management, student engagement, and setting up a daily routine. A primary goal of hers was to encourage active participation during class to reduce frequent questioning afterward. Using our instructional coaching resources during this critical time helped her increase student engagement from 10% to 90% by the end of the first coaching cycle.


  • Posted rules & frequently used a variety of checking for understanding techniques

  • 90% increase in specific directions that are concreate, sequential, and observable

Growth Areas

  • Gauging student understanding throughout the lesson

  • Creating an effective daily routine

  • Establishing clear directions for following classroom rules