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What are the advantages of taking professional development classes through Educational Innovation?

Convenience and flexibility for any district are the most common reasons for scheduling professional development training with us. Personal professional development is available please contact us for personal sessions.

How much time should I expect to allocate for my staff?

The time allocated will vary on content. The majority of the professional development sessions are one-day trainings.

How do I contact the company for more information?

Please submit a request form for more detailed information about out plans. If you would like a phone conference fill out the form.

Are there group projects, How are the one day trainings conducted?

The majority of our professional developments are cyclical, Evidence to support topic, whole group discussion, then role play group work and/or discussion.

What is the cancellation policy?

We accept all payment forms up to the day of the event. We ask for a 24-48 hour notice for cancellation on programs.

Where does my data go once my school has registered?

All data is stored on a secure server and is not shared with anyone. This information is only used up-until the day of the event and discarded. Email information may be used for updates on upcoming events only.

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