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Educational Innovation is a dedicated Urban Consulting Group geared toward improving the K-12 learning process through innovative research-based techniques and strategies that enable our scholars to excel in their professional lives. Our goal is to provide 1:1 training and professional development for Network Administrators, Teachers, and Parents.


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Cassandra Williams

With more than 20 years of expereince working within the Los Angeles school system, Cassandra Williams knows education. Even before her professional journey into academia, she has always been personally driven to make a dramatic impact.

Catherine Estrada

Catherine Estrada, M.A has over 25 years experience in education including instruction and curriculum development. She serves as a District Coordinator for Gifted/Talented Programs overseeing the identification and instruction of GATE students in Los Angeles Unified School District.


“We understand the economic climate that education is facing but hiring Educational Innovation for our curriculum needs was the best way to ensure efficiency, real-time results in the classroom, and a road map for our new school.”

Lamar Williams, CEO Kemet Institute

“Our work with Educational Innovation was when I was a Principal at Booker T. Washington Academy, this was key to the growth of our staff, teachers, and administration. While working with them, I have seen transformation of teaching and learning within Fayette County Schools.”

Wendy Brown, Former Principal of Booker T. Washington Academy

“Educational Innovation has been a valuable asset to our program and we would not have accomplished so much in the past two years without their guidance and support.”​​

Savannah, Project Coordinator NKCES